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April 18, 2015 Shootout

Shootout Rules

Santa Monica College Campus Map
Park in Structure 3 (Parking is FREE on weekends)

Santa Monica College Admission Charges:
1900 Pico Blvd $7.00 for Adults 
Santa Monica, CA 90405 $3.00 for Children 
Parking on Campus is FREE on the weekends   
Boys 9/10u    
Cal Heat    
Cal Storm    
Spyder Surf    
DateTeams ScoreTimeCourt
Saturday, 4/18Cal HeatSpyder Surf 23-319:00 AM1
Saturday, 4/18Cal StormSpyder Surf 19-4911:00 AM2
Saturday, 4/18Cal HeatLegion 30-2511:00 AM1
Saturday, 4/18Cal StormLegion 23-191:00 PM2
Boys 11u    
Hoop Foundation    
The Dream    
Floor Generals    
DateTeams ScoreTimeCourt
Saturday, 4/18LegionThe Dream 46-4210:00 AM3
Saturday, 4/18LegionHoop Foundation 38-2712:00 PM3
Saturday, 4/18Floor GeneralsThe Dream 63-351:00 PM2
Saturday, 4/18Floor GeneralsHoop Foundation 58-253:00 PM2
Boys 12u    
SV Cagers    
The Dream    
Spyder Surf    
SoCal's Finest    
DateTeams ScoreTimeCourt
Saturday, 4/18Spyder SurfThe Dream 49-209:00 AM2
Saturday, 4/18Spyder SurfSoCal's Finest 44-2710:00 AM2
Saturday, 4/18SV CagersThe Dream 92-2912:00 PM3
Saturday, 4/18SoCal's FinestLegion 53-321:00 PM1
Saturday, 4/18LegionSV Cagers 62-783:00 PM2
Boys 14u    
Cal Heat    
SV Cagers    
The Dream    
Floor Generals    
DateTeams ScoreTimeCourt
Saturday, 4/18The DreamSV Cagers 38-619:00 AM3
Saturday, 4/18The DreamCal Heat 47-6310:00 AM1
Saturday, 4/18LegionSV Cagers 37-5211:00 AM3
Saturday, 4/18Cal HeatFloor Generals 36-4412:00 PM1
Saturday, 4/18Floor GeneralsLegion 32-312:00 PM1
Boys JV    
Hoop Foundation    
Dream Team    
The Dream    
DateTeams ScoreTimeCourt
Saturday, 4/18Hoop FoundationDream Team 42-382:00 PM3
Saturday, 4/18The DreamWarriors 45-252:00 PM2
Saturday, 4/18Dream TeamThe Dream 42-614:00 PM3
Saturday, 4/18WarriorsHoop Foundation 57-535:00 PM2
Boys Varsity    
Dream Team    
ARC Blue    
ARC Gold    
Hoop Skillz    
Warriors Elite    
Warriors Black    
DateTeams ScoreTimeCourt
Saturday, 4/18ARC BlueDream Team 49-583:00 PM1
Saturday, 4/18Warriors BlackDream Team  49-544:00 PM2
Saturday, 4/18ARC GoldHoop Skillz 50-354:00 PM1
Saturday, 4/18ARC BlueWarriors Black 52-495:00 PM1
Saturday, 4/18Hoop SkillzDream Team 57-526:00 PM3
Saturday, 4/18ARC GoldHoop Elite 54-456:00 PM1

**Tournament fees are non-refundable. Any un-used Team Fees may be applied to future California Heat sponsored events**

Tournament Registration Payment

California Heat Office: 800-501-1510 


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